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The Academy FAQ's

Can I take this course online?

You can take this course in-person, or online. The online version of the course comes complete with video modules and testing for each section. You will also correspond with me via video chat or in person at my location.

What do I need during the ONLINE course?

Taking the course will only require you to have a model (lucky friend or family) to practice what I'll be showing you. This platform also makes it easy to watch any section over in case you want to binge the content first and then get a model, or follow along with your model in real time. This course is also where you have access to the Body Sculpting Pro workbook!

What exactly is the 30 Day Blitz?

It's a 30 Day intense Mentorship program designed to ensure you take all the steps to launch your business and sharpen your skills! Upon course completion of Body Sculpting Pro, we plan out your next 30 days of launching or enhancing your business. There will be a checklist of deliverables, such as submitting results of clients you've worked on, setting up a branding kit, action steps in our marketing plan, etc... Afterwards you will receive a second certification: Master Body Sculpting Certification!

When can I order and receive equipment?

The day you enroll I will contact you to go over your options of equipment. Your wood therapy tools will actually come as a gift from me and should arrive within a few days. Everyone's preference and resources for machines vary, so I like to go over those with you personally.

How long does it take to complete the course?

You can complete this course and get your certification as a Body Sculpting Pro in one day, or complete at your own pace. As soon as your first certification is complete we will plan your 30 Day Blitz, which is a one-of-a-kind mentorship where we outline the first steps you need to create your business, as well as you demonstrate up to 4 completed Body Sculpting sessions you have done and explain what steps you've taken to get those results! Then you will receive your Master Body Sculpting certification!

What if I feel I need more hands on experience?

Fortunately, I do this in REAL LIFE and will invite you to come to my location in Long Beach, California to shadow me as I work with clients. If you're unable to make it in person, I set it up via video chat where I can coach you with your model as well as you watch and ask questions while I work on clients!

Is this Certification all that's needed to begin?

Ultrasound Cavitation is a Class A technology and is not regulated under California Cosmetology Board, so no additional state licensing is required here, and students from various parts of the U.S. have found it to be the same in their state with your model as well as you watch and ask questions while I work on clients!

 ¿Se ofrece este curso en español?Is this COURSE AVAILABLE IN SPANISH?

¡Nuestra formación presencial ofrece un traductor de español! Our Long Beach in-person training offers a translator!

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