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Models Wanted

Be our model and receive complimentary treatments, all body types welcomed! Our Body Sculpting treatments have been in high demand since introduced to the world in 2005. Brandon O'Neal has been a part of this industry for almost the last decade, preparing various fitness competitors, celebrities, and models to meet an aesthetic look by a certain deadline. Brandon is the owner of Xclusive's Spa and has been training others to become technicians for the last two years.

These treatments target stubborn fat by emulsifying the cells without surgery, shaping and contouring the body by retraining where remaining fat cells settle, and tightening the skin through RF Skin tightening which also diminishes the appearances of stretch marks.


Why do we use models? :
Models are used to assist in training our students and staff in a controlled environment under the supervision of the Instructor.

Is there a cost to being a model?:
No. This is purely an exchange of receiving amazing services for assisting our facility with training.

Can I be a model more than once?:
This is not prohibited, yet we tend to use different models each time. This is both to honor the amazing support of those that volunteer as well as provide exposure to various body types.

Interested? Fill out our Model Form

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