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Ultrasonic Cavitation

What is Ultrasonic Cavitation?

Cavitation is a natural phenomenon based on low frequency ultrasound. The ultrasound field creates bubbles in the liquid that surround the fat cells, which gradually grow, and implode. As the membranes of fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations, the effect of cavitation easily breaks them, while sparing the vascular, nervous and muscular tissue.


What happens to the released fat? 

After disruption and emulsification of the fat cells, liquid which makes up the fat cells, in the form of triglycerides, is released into the interstitial fluid between the cells. This fluid is then metabolized to glycerol and free fatty acids. Water soluble glycerol is absorbed by the circulatory system and used as the energy source, whereas the insoluble free fatty acids are transported to the liver and processed as fatty acids from food. The fat is a solid substance, how can it be eliminated through the urine? Because ultrasonic cavitation causes an emulsification of the fat, releasing the triglyceride fluid which is easy to eliminate through the urine and the lymphatic system.


Is Ultrasonic Cavitation a safe treatment? 

Yes, the therapist will complete a medical questionnaire with you to make sure it is safe for you to undergo this kind of treatment. It is a nonsurgical procedure without anesthesia, it is non-invasive (no cutting, leaves no scars or need post-operative course) and it allows for a full social life both before and after the sessions. But remember always to carefully choose the center where you undergo it that they are properly trained and pre-screen you for best results.


How long has Ultrasonic Cavitation been around? 

Cavitation in aesthetics was introduced for the first time in Milan in 2005. However, the phenomenon called cavitation has been around since the 60s.


Is Ultrasonic Cavitation painful?

No, cavitation is a painless treatment. Mild redness may appear occasionally but does not cause pain. The heat caused by the equipment is perfectly tolerable.


How many sessions are usually needed? 

Between 6 and 12 sessions.


What are the contraindications of Ultrasonic Cavitation? 

We do not recommend treating people with the following conditions: • Contagious or infectious diseases and skin diseases Liver disease • Kidney disease • Heart problems (including pacemakers) • Pregnancy and/or lactating • Undergone a transplant • Cancer. Unless in remission for over 6 yrs. • Contagious or infectious diseases or skin dieases • Metal implants or electrical devices eg. metal hip joints, pacemakers, plates, pins, staples. • Metal IUD’s (Intrauterine devices) Unless confirmed to be plastic such as the later models of the Mirena. Your trained therapist can consult with your specific case and the full list of contraindications.


What is the treatment like? 

The cavitation treatment does not require any special pre-treatment, but we do highly recommend a pre-screening evaluation along with pre, during and post recommendations to enhance the results. Treatment starts with circumference measurement of the target body area and continues with circular movements of the applicator over the treatment site. The duration of treatment session normally takes around 20 – 40 minutes, depending on the size of the area and the thickness of the fat layer. Results are immediate and permanent and typically you will need between 6-12 sessions depending on the amount of inches and contouring needed.







Radio frequency skin tightening (RF) is an aesthetic technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate sub dermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin.[3] The process provides an alternative to facelift and other cosmetic surgeries. RF treatment also causes apoptosis of fat cells, which leads to fat layer reduction in the treated area.

By manipulating skin cooling during treatment, RF can also be used for heating and reduction of fat. Currently, the most common uses of RF-based devices are to non-invasively manage and treat skin tightening of lax skin (including sagging jowls, abdomen, thighs, and arms), as well as wrinkle reduction, cellulite improvement, and body contouring.



Maintain your energy levels & long term boosting your immune system in just 30 minutes!

We’re all taking the necessary precautions such as washing our hands, wearing protective masks, staying home, and practicing social distancing during this global pandemic. It’s also important to focus on getting exercise regularly and eating healthy. But what if you could do more to protect yourself during this time -- especially if you are already combatting stress, fatigue, or any other symptoms of a low immune system? 


You can do more to protect yourself. 
You can eliminate toxins from your body before they start wearing you down.  The best part - this can be done by just soaking your feet in a relaxing Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath! 

How it works:

  • You sit in a comfy chair and soak your feet in a warm saltwater bath. 

  • We’ll place a small box in the footbath next to your feet. 

  • The box contains negative and positive ions.

  • The box is connected to a power supply that delivers a low-level direct current. This current causes the metals within the box (in combination with the saltwater) to generate positively and negatively charged ions by separating oxygen and hydrogen in the water.

  • This ion technology neutralizes your acidic toxins causing them to be basic or alkaline. 

  • The toxins release through the pores of your feet through the osmosis process and change the color of the water.  

  • We identify the toxins that were released (based on the color-coded system) and can prescribe any further treatment or protocol.


Why are people using it?

This method detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols with little or no stress to the patient. There are no supplements to take, no Facebook groups to join, and no membership required.

People have been using foot baths to relieve symptoms of a wide variety of issues such as irregular bowel movements and menstrual cycles, joint pain, fatigue, and chronic inflammation.


Get results sooner rather than later.

There are no weeks of waiting to see results. The majority of our patients feel lighter and experience a greater sense of well being right away. Please note that results can vary and more than one treatment may be recommended based on the level of toxins in a person. 


NOW is the time. 

We may be staying at home now, but we’ll eventually venture back out into the world and inevitably increase our interactions and potential encounters with illness. Eliminate the unnecessary toxins now so your body can focus on protecting you later. 


Protect your well-being and boost your immune system.

Book your appointment now.

NOTE: The use of dairy allergy medication may cause the appearance of parasites, pinworms, and a rancid odor to appear.  

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