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Body Sculpting Business Accelerator

6-12 Month Mentorship & Coaching

This program has been developed only after seeing the great success of the original Body Sculpting Pro course, which purpose is to take individuals in their early phases of Body Sculpting and train them to get amazing results and instant clientele. Now as we have a network of growing businesses opened, there are new challenges faced along the path of growth. I think of all of the guidance and help I wish I had along the way, and I provide that for each one of my students. I am here to guide you over the hurdles as well show you ways to continually scale your business through different phases. 


Some of you are looking for your businesses to expand further, take on staff, get bigger or better locations, or somehow leverage the success you’ve seen so far and not be tied down to the “smaller” mundane tasks that can start to overwhelm you. Others simply desire to stand out as THE BEST around in this industry. There are definite steps to accomplishing this and I will be walking you through this one phase at a time.


Phase 1: Body Sculpting Pro course and “30 Day Blitz” mentoring program.

Phase 2: Refining skills and knowledge base whiling perfecting your consultations.

Phase 3: Insuring systems are in place for continued growth and organization.

Phase 4: Building and expanding your team. This can apply to staff or virtual assistants.

Phase 5: Client retention. How to maintain those “life-long” clients.

Phase 6: How to educate others and expand your company.

Perpetual phase: Monthly audit, refinement, and new goal setting.


To apply for this program you must contact me directly for interview. Upon determining you’re prepared for this program, we will begin immediately. 

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